DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley is a well-planned housing project produced by Defense housing authorities in 2008, opposite the Islamabad highway. It is deliberate to be a secure community that offers several amenities such as parks, utilities, commercial areas, shopping, mosques, hospitals, and schools.

Furthermore, the master plan of this project was designed by California-based organization OJMR Architects. The authority’s focal point is to construct critical infrastructures such as sewers, roads, and bridges.


It is the most popular community where life amenities are provided with a distinctive approach to its residents. DHA valley has the path to become a world-class housing community whose services are exclusive for its residents only. 


DHA Valley Location

The direct access of DHA Valley to the Islamabad Expressway is as yet under development, although the much more significant part of the development is completed. Also, the under advancement connection on railroad tracks has been completed. The accommodations at DHA Valley are beautifully designed with all the luxurious, expansive space opportunities and comforts which showcase the modern lifestyle. Suppose you want to visit DHA valley homes. In that case, you might have access from Kallar Syedan Road, where you find temporary access to Oleander Block from SHAH Baagh, a miniature billboard of DHA Homes is pitched on the ground. 


Amenities at DHA Valley Islamabad

The following are the most fundamental aspects of the DHA housing society:


Hub of Educational Institutes

Considering the future and feasibility of its residents, the following are the top-of-line educational institutions that it can find in the premises of DHA housing society. The international standard school and world-class academic institution are the first priority of DHA’s authorities.

 with a long tradition of excellence and a focus on developing students’ personalities.


Electricity, Gas, and Water Accessibility

DHA-Islamabad provides all of life’s requirements, making it simple for everyone to maintain their standard of living. These facilities include essentials such as electricity, and water, among other advanced facilities.


Pleasant and Surreal Environment

DHA promotes a pleasant environment for its residents and assists them in making use of the clean and natural surroundings. It allows people to sustain their lifestyle, health and plays a vital role in their daily activities.


DHA Islamabad Valley Blocks

The housing society is divided among several well-known blocks.

  • Lilly Block
  • Oleander Block.
  • Magnolia Block
  • Sunflower Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Zinnia Block
  • Marigold Block.
  • Bluebell Block
  • Lavender Block

Most of the essential development work in these blocks is completed, and the remaining work is under progress. We have cheap DHA valley files for sale, and you can feel free to contact us.


DHA-Overseas Block

This Block is mainly designed for overseas ex-pats; they are settling abroad and are ready to invest in their country. With this in mind, DHA Islamabad offered plots abroad blocks like Sunflower, Magnolia, and others to only overseas Pakistanis. This initiative aided in the inflow of high-quality international investment into the country. Overseas Block provides gorgeous, spectacular garden areas and a secure gated neighborhood where everything feels joyful for Overseas Pakistanis.

Overseas Pakistanis have an opportunity to book plots, and it made payment in dollars. The overseas Block offered has 5 and 8 Marla residential plots. 

DHA Islamabad combines quality, excellence, and international standards to provide a luxurious living for Overseas Pakistanis.

DHA Valley Overseas Block plots are carefully positioned in a prime location to create a self-sustaining, world-class living environment. It has excellent schools, preserved green spaces, diverse parks, and recreational opportunities, making this residential development unique and impressive.


The Possession in DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley has handed over possession later and re-allotted plots in the first months of 2022, and they will strive to provide residents with all necessary services by the end of the year. Moreover, it’s also planned for DHA valley to complete the Islamabad express bridge within a given period. However, the best privileged of this bridge is that it would connect DHA valley with other DHA phases of Islamabad. DHA valley raised interests and expectations and fully assured that the cooperation and commitment to work are possibly turned with an early possession in blocks.


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However, DHA valley only possesses those plots under legitimate possession, and they are willing to build their homes. As a result, it appears that they must submit their application.


Investment scheme in DHA Valley Islamabad.

Investors need to wait enough time to invest with fantastic outcomes, but this is a great investment opportunity. Depending upon the investment budget, the DHA-Islamabad brings long-term investment options for their customer available in Pakistan.

If we divide the investment possibilities by highest profit potential without taking into account any financial limits, we get the following list:


Commercial Plots

Commercials always have high-profit potential. The profit rate is relatively high when you compare the prices of commercial plots with residential plots. With our expertise, we know which commercial properties have maximum profit. Profits on commercial plots currently vary from 10 to 35 lac rupees, with a far larger potential.


DHA Homes

Houses might be regarded as the second-best investment opportunity. If you compare the prices of these homes with those built-in Bahria town phase 8, you will have a clear idea of the profit potential in this investment.

Homes are the project that is likely to get the earliest possession in DHA valley, with a profit potential of at least double that. As a result, it can be considered a good medium-term investment.


Future of DHA Valley Islamabad

It seems that DHA has a bright future ahead. DHA valley Islamabad is a thriving society with a tremendous preference for secure future seekers in the coming years. The remaining development work is continuing with a level of speed. It is expected that this society will demand everyone on the base of very affordable price holding with all living facilities.


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