DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

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DHA Islamabad is the most well-known and adaptable housing society, founded to raise the living standards of everyone who wishes to improve their standard of living.

It does, however, reflect the ambitious vision for the twin cities, in which most people see a better future in terms of education, healthcare, recreational activities, and a variety of other things.


The goal of this project was to create an extraordinary location in twin cities with appropriate infrastructure and modern design. If a person wishes to acquire a property for their dwelling or build any business areas, DHA-Islamabad has offered different plots and commercial possibilities based on consumer requests.


On the other hand, DHA Islamabad provides such a distinct and comprehensive perspective to please the entire community in everything and make it unique and appealing to the entire community while providing comforts, exquisite amenities, and timeless elegance.



DHA Islamabad is a housing complex created by the Defence Housing Authority in Islamabad. It is located near Grand Trunk Road, opposite the Fauji Foundation Hospital.

The community is connected to the Islamabad Expressway by a six-lane DHA Expressway that runs through all of DHA Islamabad’s major phases; as a result, certain sections are still under construction but will be completed shortly.


The DHA Phase 5 can access sites in Islamabad and Rawalpindi thanks to its unique position on the Islamabad Expressway. Shakarparian, Pakistan Monument, Centaurus, Lok Virsa Pir Sohawa, Daman-e-Koh, and Faisal Mosque are all within Islamabad’s 45-minute to one-hour drive. On the other side, jungle World-Ayub National Park, Bahria Town Zoo, Taxila Museum, and Rawat Fort are all within a 15- to 30-minute drive.


Amenities at DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

As we all know, DHA has played a vital part in Pakistan’s real estate business, both in terms of purchasing a plot and buying a home. It is well-known for providing all necessary amenities to its residents, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle.

Without a doubt, DHA is the most stable society for offering services to the public; it has a vast canvas for constructing residential options while also providing services.


This flowchart depicts the greatest rates of property sales in various parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Without a doubt, the Defence Housing Society is the most searched for and purchased housing project in the area, providing a high-quality living environment, and thus is ranked first.


DHA-Islamabad provides all of life’s requirements, making it simple for everyone to maintain their standard of living. These facilities include necessities like electricity, gas, and water, as well as more complex features.


Because a well-maintained sewerage and water drainage system is always a key and critical issue of any residential area, DHA-Islamabad has a well-maintained sewerage and water drainage system.


DHA Islamabad has established its own Sui Gas infrastructure with adequate meter segregation for its people, ensuring that Sui gas is never in short supply and that residents do not face any difficulties.


Any residential area’s primary and most basic need is healthcare. As a result, DHA-Islamabad needed to concentrate on providing top-notch medical and health care to its people. Riphah Global, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, and the DHA Department are three of society’s most well-known hospitals. Professional staff and well-trained technicians ensure that each patient receives first-rate clinical care.


The city school is a private Pakistani English-medium educational institution that provides students with basic and secondary education. It is one of Pakistan’s most popular schools, with multiple branches across the country. It also runs a successful business initiative in the United Arab Emirates.


Throughout the DHAsocieties, vast fields and parks, as well as health facilities, are being built.

Outside the gymnasium, there is a popular location called Family Park. Because of the call shows, there is an open-air exercise facility outside with a walking song.

There’s a tennis court, a basketball court, and a rock climbing club nearby, so if you need a break from all the calorie-burning, you’ll find it here.


The key component of DHA-Islamabad is the wide-carpeted road and effective management system, as offering opportunities to people is the primary priority of this organization.


It initially implemented new security and vigilance rules to ensure a comfortable living environment at DHA Islamabad. These policies are in place to ensure that the project’s particular protection arrangements are followed to combat and serve its residents in any way possible.

All key portions of the society have CCTV cameras installed and equipped to capture all actions in the community.

To maintain total order, delegated police officials are sent to various places for security patrolling. If there is no criminal activity in the town, it will implement high-alert safety and security measures.


why we invest in DHA phase 5?

Investment property in Islamabad has seen phenomenal growth in terms of yields over the last ten years. It provides buyers with a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and investment opportunity. DHA Islamabad is a name that requires no introduction when it comes to real estate investing in Islamabad. It is also known as DHA Rawalpindi and offers very profitable residential and commercial investment options in a location that will become a business center in the future. This essay examines the benefits of investing in DHA Islamabad.


DHA The old GT Road of Sher Shah Suri on the south end and the Islamabad Expressway on the north end makes Rawalpindi-Islamabad extremely accessible. It serves as a link between the two cities. The new Islamabad International Airport is 17 kilometers away, while Benazir International Airport is a 10-minute drive away. DHA has three entrances: one on each side, one on the front, and one on the back.


DHA 5th Phase Investors are drawn to Islamabad because it offers more significant investment and growth prospects. The overpass positioned above the signal-free eight-lane Islamabad Expressway, a hallmark project, is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in Phase 5. This phase is regarded as the greatest for both living and investing because of its ideal location. Plot prices are affordable, and they are likely to climb in the next three to four years. So we can now state that this stage has a lot of room for growth and investment.


DHA Phase 5 has no settlement when it comes to investment prospects in Islamabad.


This is one of the prestigious housing company’s most well-known stages.


It provides investors with a wide range of residential and commercial properties at reasonable costs.


Almost all of the twin cities’ growing high-end civilizations are within walking distance of this program.


The tranquil and aesthetically pleasant surroundings complement the optimal location for DHA Phase 5.


The area is surrounded by hilly terrain, and the DHA has ensured that the topology is preserved rather than altered.


Its 24-hour supervision and tranquil ambiance enhance this residential complex’s appeal.


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