DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

The DHA Phase 2 is situated between the Islamabad highway and the Grand trunk road, covering an area of almost 15,075 Kanal. DHA Phase 2 community has been extensively developed, and several families have moved into homes and residential areas. This particular phase of DHA Islamabad is a brilliant example of safety, peace, elegance, harmony, and comfort in the search for a peaceful land in today’s globe.

It promises to enlighten people’s lifestyles and compel them to see the opportunities around them, as it is located in the heart of the Potohar region. DHA authorities have intelligently planned and designed this town for commercial and residential areas. According to recent research, DHA-Islamabad has emerged as one of the best and most luxurious places for a consistent lifestyle, with a theme park, golf course, and lake already in place. 


Flashback of DHA Phase 2

It was founded in February 1994 to become one of Pakistan’s most known societies. DHA is regarded as the most popular society in Pakistan, with an excellent infrastructure. The goal of design varies from urban planning to citizens of twin cities such as Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

However, it does provide basic and modern facilities and meet the needs of both commercial and residential lifestyles. DHA is an excellent investment with a high return on investment. In comparison to other phases, the DHA phase 2 Islamabad is one of the most appealing, and all sectors of DHA phase 2 are well-established.

DHA Phase 2 developers have a keen development understanding and are still planning for more advanced amenities. That’s why it stands out among the others, with over 17 sectors ranging from Sector A to Sector Q.


DHA Phase 2 Iconic Triangle 

The iconic Kahuta Triangle is located in Islamabad, with one side of it sitting along the Islamabad highway and the other side resting along the Grand Trunk (GT) Road. It varies widely, beginning with GT Road and spreading along the Islamabad Highway to Rawat.

For greater accessibility and horizontal traffic flow, it features entrances on all three sides. Phase 2 consists of roughly 15075 Kanals, with nearly 90% of the work done. It’s one of the safest investments as compared to other phases of DHA Islamabad.


Location of DHA Islamabad Phase 2

DHA is undeniably the most developed society in Islamabad; it consists of various phases to accommodate consumers and provide an excellent furnishing plan for occupants. Gates 1, 2, 3, and 7 are the four entrances of DHA Phase 2 Islamabad that are currently open. Gates 1, 2, and 3 are located on the Grand Trunk Road, while Gate 7 is on the Islamabad Express Highway. The actual connection to the phases is intertwined. It connects to other areas of Islamabad via T- Chowk.


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DHA Phase-II extension

Rawalpindi is associated with DHA Phase-II Extension, and it’s also known as DHA Phase 6. This phase was driven and then published in March 2005, spanning a territory of approximately 55,000 Kanal and traveling back and forth and a few other overseas sectors like DHA Expressway and DHAValley. On the other hand, the development work is moving at a breakneck speed. Since this phase’s entire planning and development has been done to build and create a distinguished town while organizing the community, this phase also delivers excellent modern infrastructure. In addition, all vital services such as water flexibly, sewerage, and streets are rapidly expanding, while DHA Valley’s structure is being improved.


Amenities at DHA-phase 2 Islamabad



DHA Islamabad ensures the safety of its residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the night, security agents conduct mobile patrols. Weapons and wireless communication are available to security staff. A new police station was constructed a few months ago to secure the safety of the citizens. DHA Islamabad police have devised unique plans to prevent and oppose criminal behavior.

Any illegal behavior or activity can be reported to security officers, ensuring a fast response. The use of high-alert and safety protocols ensures that there is no criminal activity.


Educational Institutes

There are numerous famous educational institutes such as Army Public School and Defence Education System (DES). Because of their quality education, the Army Public School and Colleges have gained an excellent reputation and status among the institutions of their kind in Pakistan. The Army Public School and college aim to give quality education to children in a healthy and clean environment helpful to learning. It follows guidelines and policies provided in the National Education Policy and directives issued by Army Public Schools and College System Secretariat, with letter and spirit. 

APS ensures the emphasis is laid on the personality development and character building of the children. The Army Public School and College is a well-established institution, which promotes a learning environment and focuses on individualizing students’ needs and creating a community of character. Furthermore, other leading schools, colleges, and universities are in the region, including Head Start, Roots Millennium School, and Foundation University Islamabad.


Sports and Parks Facilities

Living in DHA Islamabad will be a wonderful experience if you are a fitness enthusiast. You can exercise in a relaxing and natural environment.  It has parks, football fields, gyms, fitness centers, and basketball courts abound. My favorite is the “Family Park Outdoor Gym,” an open-air gym, a jogging track, a tennis court, and a wall climbing club. There is also a tuck shop if you require some snacks or bites.



A housing society’s popular appeal and financial success are considerably enhanced by having healthcare and medical facilities nearby. Investors are enthusiastic about investing in such areas, and customers also desire to be close to healthcare services.

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre and Riphah International branches are two public healthcare and medical institutes in DHA phase 2 Islamabad. Medical care facilities are available, and various healthcare units support in getting to the location promptly. Ambulance service is also provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, many pharmacies and laboratories are open in DHA phase 2 Islamabad’s several sectors.


Shopping Areas & Groceries

For your essential grocery needs, you can shop with many options such as Punjab Cash and Carry, Western Cash and Carry, J Mart, the Best five, and Carrefour in Giga Mall, etc.


Restaurants, Cafes, and Food Chains

Jacaranda Family Club is an elegant club that promises spectacular luxury amenities, is presented in the most secure and peaceful environment to match your lifestyle and aspirations. Jacaranda Family Club covers an area of 20 acres, conveniently located in the most conspicuous district of twin cities. The BBQ terrace restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad. JFC offers business leaders and individuals a broad array of hospitality services, products, and amenities. Together with skilled and efficient service teams, JFC presents a caring experience for everyone every time.

Pakistanis food lovers have many opportunities in DHA Islamabad has several local and international chains of restaurants spread across its sectors. Food Chains such as Pizza Hut, Casa Rica, Spice Factory, Second cup coffee, and McDonald’s are located at DHA Central Park. In addition, there are other popular eateries such as Pepe Piri Piri and Mattany’s Pizza located in the locality.


Banks In and near DHA Islamabad

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is an established community; it has several banks operating in the society, such as Askari Bank, HBL, Allied Bank, Soneri Bank, MCB, NBP, and Dubai Islamic in different sectors. The banks offer corporate and individual banking services besides ATM services.


Salons and Spas in and near DHA Islamabad

The city’s top salons are located in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad, such as Sobia’s Beauty Salon, The Lounge by Depilex Men, Faiza’s Beauty Salon, Sadaf’s Salon Spa, and Sapphire beauty Salon in various Sectors.  

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